Doctor Who Expanded

How many lives has the Doctor had? Perhaps more than you think... -back cover blurb, Short Trips and Side Steps

The Doctor has had many faces over the years, both official and fan created. Here is a (likely incomplete) collection of both. (For the alphabetical Doctor category list, see here.)

Fan Film Doctors[]

David Nagel Doctot2 index

David Nagel Doctor (DAM Productions)


The Steps Doctors (Time Tunnel Productions)

Don Resized

Jon Lee First Doctor (BBC Unbound)

Matthew Chambers Doctor index2

Matthew Chambers Doctor (DAM Productions)

Chris Hoyle doctor index

Chris Hoyle Doctor (The Projection Room)

Dave Hobson doctor index

David Hobson Doctor (The Projection Room)

Gordon England doctor index

Gordon England Doctor (The Projection Room)

The Trinity Doctor (Brett Underwood) image

The Trinity Doctor (Trinity Productions)

The Crevasse Doctor (Thomas Rees Kaye) image

The Crevasse Doctor (Trinity Productions)

Barbara Doctor index

Barbara Benedetti Doctor (Seattle International Films)

Dave Hobson doctor index

Michael Santo Doctor (Seattle International Films)

Symbiote Doctor

Symbiote Doctor (Symbiote Productions)

HGPDoctor index

HGP Doctor (Home Grown Productions)

Rupert Booth Doctor index

Rupert Booth Doctor (Timebase Productions)

Christopher Thomson Doctor index

Christopher Thomson Doctor (Teenz Inc)


Geri Halliwell Doctor (Doctor Who Movie Club)

Animeted Ninth Doctor index

Animated Ninth Doctor (Manga Gothic Media)

Secondandahalf doctor index

Second-and-a-Halfth Doctor (Devious)

Don Resized

The Unbound Tenth Doctor (Swinging Lizard Productions)


The Unbound Eleventh Doctor (OCS Productions)

The Minecraft Twelfth Doctor

Huw Thomas Doctor (HT Productions)


DWMC First Doctor (Doctor Who Movie Club)

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Ryan Gargett Doctor (Teenz Inc)

Chris Hoyle doctor index

Lawrence Martin Doctor (Doctor Who Internet Series)

The 3 Incarnations of the Doctor

"Time and Space" Doctors (Time and Space)


The Doctor (DWTNR) (JIH Productions)

Gordon England doctor index

Jordan Hope Doctor (JIH Productions)

'Well-Spoken' Doctor

'Well-Spoken' Doctor (SageOfMuzzyness)


Benji Clifford Doctor (Time Tunnel Productions)

The Minecraft Twelfth Doctor

The Minecraft Twelfth Doctor (DixonBaxi)


The Ginger Doctor (Manga Gothic Media)


The Chums Doctor (HT Productions)


The Robe Doctor (Time Tunnel Productions)

Vincent Savage Doctor index

Sgt Slick Doctor (The Projection Room)

Christopher Thomson Doctor index

Charlie Hides Doctor (Time Tunnel Productions)

Fan Audio Doctors[]

Vincent Savage Doctor index

Vincent Savage Doctor (DWAD)

David Segal Doctor index

David Segal Doctor (DWAD)

Jeffrey Coburn Doctor index

Jeffrey Coburn Doctor (DWAD)

Jym DeNatale Doctor index

Jym DeNatale Doctor (DWAD)

James K Flynn Doctor index

James K. Flynn Doctor (DWAD)

Doctor who barbieri

R. Douglas Barbieri Doctor (DWAD)


Austin Nebbia Tenth Doctor (Doctor Who Fan Stories)


Jason Wallace Eleventh Doctor (Doctor Who Fan Stories)

Matthew Chambers Doctor index

Matthew Chambers Doctor (DAM Productions)

David Nagel Doctor index

David Nagel Doctor (DAM Productions)

Mark Kalita Doctor index

Mark Kalita Doctor (BrokenSea Audio Productions)

Matthew Chambers Doctor index

Ronn Smith Doctor (Dream Realm Enterprises)


Stephen Payne Doctor (Audio Visuals)

Nicholas Briggs as the Doctor by PaulHanley

Nicholas Briggs Doctor (Audio Visuals/BBV Productions)

Paul Monk Doctor index

Planet Skaro Doctor (Planet Skaro Audios)


The Game of Rassilon Doctor (The Game of Rassilon)

Jeffrey Coburn Doctor index

The Alaska Doctor (Doctor Who Movie Club)

Fan Fiction Doctors[]

Belgaphor 8th Doctor

Bullseye Eighth Doctor (Bullseye Books)


TDWP Eighth Doctor (The Doctor Who Project)

Th TDWPninthdoctor

TDWP Ninth Doctor (The Doctor Who Project)


TDWP Tenth Doctor (The Doctor Who Project)


TDWP Eleventh Doctor (The Doctor Who Project)

Official/Canon Doctors[]

Fan representations of Doctors from the BBC series.

John Field doctor index

Third Doctor (The Projection Room)

Otaking third doctor index

Third Doctor (Jikuu Bouken)


Seventh Doctor (Time Rift)

Puppet Doctor index

Puppet Tenth Doctor (Doctor Puppet Films)

Destiny of the Sensei

Dare Sensei (Palcomix)


The Alaska Second Doctor (Doctor Puppet Films)

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