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"Think of me what you will Professor however you have yet to acknowledge that if I am a monster than I am only the Monster you made me."-The Cyber Emperor

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The Cyber Emperor
Affiliated with: The Cyber Men
Race: Cyberman
Home planet: Earth (As a Human)
Home era: 21st Century
First appearance: Rise of the Cybermen

Character History[]

The Cyber Emperor is the King of the Cyber Men and he is the main antagonist of The Professor. Originally the first companion of The Professor known as Jeff he was a kind and care free individual studying at the university of Phoenix Arizona where he met The Professor and the two struck a strong friendship traveling to many foreign planets however it was brought to an end when Jeff was infected by cyber nanites that converted him into the most advanced Cyberman in history going as far as to designate himself as "The Cyber Emperor".

Devastated but unable to bring himself to kill Jeff or The Cyber Emperor, The Professor trapped him and his cyber hord on a once human colonized planet now known as Cybertron.


Like most Cyber-men then The Cyber Emperor lacks most of his emotions. Though he is shown to demonstrate a small amount of animosity toward The Professor it's unknown for sure if The Cyber Emperor can actually feel emotions. However his fixation to kill and cause the Professor suffering seems to strongly support this theory.

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