The Crimson Scarab
Season: 30
Story Number: 150
Doctor: Jeffrey Coburn Doctor
Writer: Paul Ebbs
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 1999
Running Time: 102 minutes
No. Episodes: 4 episodes
Previous Story: Mesomorph
Following Story: The Seventh Dungeon of Drakmoore



'1941- The world burns in the flames of war... From the sophistication of Casablanca to a Nazi torture chamber in the stews of Marrakech. From the heat of the Sahara to the metal tomb of a U-boat bound for the heart of the Third Reich, follow the Doctor in his desperate bid to recover and incredible alien artefact. An artefact which holds the balance of power in a struggle between two great empires. GASP! - as the Doctor takes on the might of the Waffen SS!

THRILL! - as he fights for his life in a Saharan sandstorm!

TREMBLE! - as the future of the entire galaxy rests in his hands...


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Doctor Who: Jeffrey Coburn
Harker: Chip Jamison
Prof. Laroche:David Segal
Maurice Riva: Jym DeNatale
Bank Teller: Sheri Devine
Sam: Dooley Wilson


Script Editor: Joseph Medina
Title Music: Dominic Glynn
Graphics: Chris Sutor
Story by: Paul Ebbs
Special Sounds: Rachel Sommers
2nd Unit Director: Thomas Himinez
Produced by: Douglas Phillips
Executive Producer: Richard Segal
Directed by: Sheri Devine

Production NotesEdit

'Production Code: 18D15
(c) 1999 Everlasting Films


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