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The Classy Cafe Cover
The Classy Cafe
Story Number: 2
Companions: Calapine, Sunny
Producer: DNA
Release Date: 5th April 2005
Running Time: 60 minutes
No. Episodes: 4 episodes
Previous Story: Tea and Diplomacy



Welcome to The Classy Café, the next outer space dining establishment along from the one orbiting Venus. Situated close to the planet Jupiter, the owner, Maurice, happily serves his eclectic clientele who come from near and from far to taste his unique and special cappuccino blend, perhaps with a cheese sandwich to go. The Doctor, Calapine and Sunny arrive, in desperate need of civilised refreshments. And some soda for the Earth girl.

However, things are never as easy as they seem. Having overcome the tasks of finding a table and actually obtaining food and drink, they soon find that they must also contend with smugglers, Cyberwaiters, potential marriage consultancy and a depressed Ice Warrior named Mandy. When Sunny disappears, the Doctor and Calapine face the daunting prospect of leaving their tea to go cold whilst they go to look for her. A distraction in the form of an assassination, however, forces them to alter their priorities.

Who is behind the murder? What has happened to Sunny? Is there more to the smuggler named Price, or is he really just there for the coffee? Does the cryptic message engraved into the table have any relevance to anything else at all?

Soon a plot begins to unfold that could affect the lives of everybody in the café...


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The story features a variety of alien species from the BBC Series. Including Ice Warriors, a Refusian (allegedly), a Sontaran, a Cyberman, and a Kameleon android.

This story is also centred around hot beverages.



The Doctor...
Calapine... Elizabeth Myles
Sunny... Scarlett Hartley
Maurice... Alex Cameron
Price... Jake Swantz
Diedrich... Glenn Harrison

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Though steps have been taken to produce the best possibly audio quality under a small and easily downloadable file size, there may be some hissing. Please put this down to radio nostalgia.


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