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The Chronic Rift
Season: 31
Story Number: 155
Doctor: Jeffrey Coburn Doctor
Companions: Christine
Writer: John S Drew
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 2000
Running Time: 126 minutes
No. Episodes: 6 episodes
Previous Story: The Hidden Menace
Following Story: The Perfection Society



While the Doctor is showing Christine the botanical gardens in New York City, in nearby space, an experiment goes horribly wrong. Suddenly, dimensions begin to mix together. Creatures and beings from different Earths are thrust together! And Christine suddenly vanishes before the Doctor's eyes!

Ordinary and extraordinary people are ripped from the Earths they knew and suddenly find themselves on a world they know to be their own, but isn't. They must work together to stay alive long enough as the Doctor tries to find a way to close the rift and save not only one universe, but all of them.

It is the Doctor's greatest crisis yet! And it may take everything the Doctor has to stop the rift before it consumes all... everything!


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  • No advertisement was made of the pending regeneration, the production team deciding to keep the ending a surprise for as many people as possible.
  • Paul Ebbs was originally brought on to write the regeneration story, titled Epsilon- Omega, and even submitted the script to the first episode. However, after several missed deadlines, Ebbs was fired and John Drew contracted to provide the replacement.
  • After hearing the finished edit of the first two scenes, producer Douglas Phillips rejected the work and the post-production editing had to be redone, resulting in the loss of two days work.
  • Actor Jay Smith suffered slight heat exhaustion during recording as temperatures climbed to near 100 degrees Fahrenheit the two weeks of production.
  • Not noticed until several episodes were already in the can was the fact that the Melann emperor’s name had changed between episodes. Continuity specialist Dusty McRee contacted executive producer David Segal who had episode one re-edited to remove the erroneous name. Lloyd’s name had also changed in the script between episodes, but this was caught during pre-production.




Doctor Who: Jeffrey Coburn & Jym DeNatale
Christine: Rachel Sommers
Tal: Chip Jamison
Lloyd Abrams: David Segal
The Judge/Mearle: Thomas Himinez
Zora: Sheri Devine
Admiral Hastings: Ian Dodds
FAST Sergeant: Mark Forrester
Professor Martin: Jay Smith
Jana: Leslye Wintrob
The Master: "Anthony Ainley"


Script Editor: Thomas Himinez
Title Music: Keff McCulloch
Graphics: WHO3D
Story by: John S Drew
Special Sounds: Chip Jamison
Continuity: Dusty McRee
Technical Director: Steve Jacobson
Produced by: Douglas Phillips
Executive Producer: David Segal
Directed by: Chip Jamison

Production Notes[]

Production Code: 16D20
(c) 2000 Everlasting Films


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