Doctor Who Expanded
2 – "The Changing of the Guard"
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
The Virus Activates
The Virus activates.
James Burnell (Twelfth Doctor
Daniel Isaac (Zack Rogers)
• Joshua Ness – The Virus
• Jacob Edwards – Housekeeper
Writer Daniel Isaac
Director Daniel Isaac
Producer James Burnell
Production code 1.1
Series Season One
Length 9 minutes
Originally broadcast 31 October 2009
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"Atoms of the Axos" "To Hell and Back"

"The Changing of the Guard" is the second episode of the first season of fan series Doctor Who Time and Space.


"Then it is time, we shall soon rid this world of all human life and I will once again be free!"

The Virus speaking to the Housekeeper

The Doctor takes Zack to the 1950s as they explore the streets they hear a scream coming from a house. As they enter the house the housekeeper tells them that the house came alive and killed him. The Doctor and Zack leave in discussion, and must investigate the matter. They knock on the door again and speak to the house keeper who tells them they have the wrong house. The Housekeeper then leaves to go to the shops and the Doctor and Zack break into his house, to find a laptop out of its own time sitting on the table. When the housekeeper got back they questioned him, but was short done when the housekeeper dropped down dead. The Doctor then confronted the Virus, who was a conscious being inside the laptop, who was sent back to destroy the humans with a virus. The Virus activated and all the humans, including Zack, were in pain, the virus asks the Doctor why he isn't infected, he says he is time lord and runs outside and destroys the satellite which controls the Virus. The Doctor and Zack then return to the TARDIS and travel away.


A commentary has been released for this episode with Daniel Isaac and James Burnell speaking.


The Housekeeper is rumoured to be David Ranch, a man who the Doctor meets in the future and will be a companion.

Scenes from this episode are seen in Season 2.

The Virus is rumoured to be Steve from episode 6