Doctor Who Expanded
The Blonde Doctor
First appearance: Haircuts
Portrayed by: George Guidera
Succeeded by: The Groovy Doctor
Series: What Fourth Wall Productions

"Please. Trouble? Me? Why would I get into trouble?"

The Blonde Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor played by George Guidera as part of What Fourth Wall Productions. He is the indirect successor to The Cat Doctor and the direct predecessor to The Groovy Doctor.


During the early days this Doctor was cocky and confident incarnation. He was a Doctor that would run into danger and would be 100% sure that he would survive. He lived by a mentality of “I’m The Doctor and I can save the day.”

After a yet to been seen event involving the Daleks this Doctor became a very different man. The Confidence was replaced with self loathing. This Doctor got to a point of genuinely wanting to die and regenerate or even considered just during and letting the Doctor end with him.

This is seen the most in the story The Garden.

He has a great love for his best Friend Charley


The Blonde Doctor in the Elysian Timeline is a future incarnation of the Cat Doctor. He also references having been, at one point, a variant of The Northern Doctor during the 60th anniversary, implying some events in the history of this Blonde Doctor are at least similar to those of his Prism counterpart.

The earliest current appearance by the Blonde Doctor is "Haircuts", where we see him encounter a 'Hairdroid' on Space Station Prindel. This Doctor also disperses the Fires of Perdition, encounters a memory version of the War Doctor in "The Garden", and battles an unknown entity in "Heartless".

Prior to the DWEM 60th Anniversary, this Doctor is seen dropping his companion Charley off to see her family, before being caught up in those events (during which he meets various future and alternate selves). It is implied later that this version of the Doctor made the multiversal leap to speak to The Venture Doctor concerning a version of the Rani.

Later events featuring this Doctor include an encounter with a Dalek named 'Epsilon' in "Guardian", as well as encountering Captain Lyssa Tindal multiple times during this incarnation in "Rain Later".

The latest chronological appearance of the Blonde Doctor is in "Invincible", the final episode of What Fourth Wall's 60th Anniversary story, where he is seen on his 'farewell tour', and is implied to have similar fourth wall breaking abilities to the Groovy Doctor.


The Blonde Doctor's attire is near-identical to the variants seen in both DW2012 and Overton Audios, with a black jacket and trousers, waistcoat, white shirt and tie.

A variant outfit with purple shirt and no waistcoat is also seen in the trailer for an upcoming short film.


Charley Challis

Production History[]

Guidera originally played the character of "The Blonde Doctor" as part of DW2012, but he moved The Blonde Doctor over to Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse and Overton Audios after the latter's split from DW2012. Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse and Overton Audios don't share continuity, so Guidera essentially plays two versions of the same Doctor in different universes.

He was one of the earliest original incarnation of the Doctor to appear in Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse, preceded by The Goblin Doctor, who according to the Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse Twitter, exists 'far back in the past, long before the Blonde Doctor'.

In May 2023, the Blonde Doctor, along with the Goblin and Groovy Doctors, moved from DWEM to What Fourth Wall Productions, where the current Short Trips Volume One - as well as "Singularity", "Guardian" and "Rain Later" - are now hosted.

To date there have been 4 different versions of the Blonde Doctor that Guidera has played. This is ironic as George has stated that he has a very complicated history with character and has nearly left the role multiple times as he has stated he prefers playing the Fairytale Doctor.

This is not to say Guidera completely hates the character as he has said he enjoys some of the stories and plans being made and enjoys working with the team at WFW, but he can’t deny he has a lot of feelings when it comes to yeh part.