Doctor Who Expanded
The Apocalyptic Storm

The Apocalyptic Storm

Defences and Abilities
Can devour a person just by pointing at it, Can devour whole universes- even time
Other Names
The Armageddon Hole, The Armageddon Storm
Lego Doctor Who D.I.T. Episodes
World of the Weeping, The End Beginning
Created By

More terrifying then The Daleks , stronger then a black hole, able to destroy The Hand of Omega, worse then The Void. The Apocalyptic Storm is the most powerful creature in The Universe- and the most dangerous to have evolved! It can devour entire universes using its atomic energy. All it has to do is point.

The Dark Times[]

In The Dark Time of The Universe, a planet died. But this planet did more than die. It changed into a giant black storm that went rampaging throughout The Universe, devouring planets and galaxies. Until evantually it evolved, it took the shape of a person. And this dark figure was then named The Apocalyptic Storm.

Devouring Time[]

Some time during the end of The Dark Time, The Apocalyptic Storm just disappeared from The Universe. Until it returned, and united with The Weeping Angels it planned to devour time. But The Doctor stopped it, sending it off into The Dream World.