Doctor Who Expanded

Thomas James Harries (born: 2003 [age 18-19]), better known online as Tharries, is a Welsh YouTuber known for his commentary on the British science fiction show Doctor Who.

In addition, he had a spin-off series called TharriesFilms that was released on his long-time friend William Grantham's channel Channel Pup. This show ended in 2019. Other media Tharries is involved with includes his second channel Tharries Highlights where his YoutubeClips are posted, his Podcast with John-Luc Harry and regular collabs with The Confused Adipose.


Tharries' channel has existed since September the 16th 2013 however, he only started posting content on the 1st of December 2018. The name was created through a combination of the first letter of his first name (T) and his surname (Harries). In just over a year he has created a few of his own spin-offs including Doctor Who Regenerated, a short Doctor Who Audio series, TharriesFilms a film analysis series which was featured on Channel Pup, and the Tharries podcast that features YouTubers and other Doctor Who personalities discussing the show. Most of these spinoffs have come to a close, however Tharries occasionally makes Doctor Who edits which include fan-made trailers, YTPs and mashups and has a new spinoff Podcast Wild Endeavour with John-Luc Harry.

In his early videos, he took clear inspiration from many Doctor Who YouTubers however, he has now developed more of his own style.

Tharries first came to prominence with his Doctor Who Reddit Leak videos, the first of which was released on March 24th 2021, quickly becoming one of his most popular videos, amassing just over 6000 views. He would then continue to expand on these videos as well as making several other forms of content including discussions, debates and livestreams as well as general news videos, all of which persist to this day.

Tharries is also a big fan of franchises like Back to the Future and Rick and Morty as said back in his TharriesFilms videos. Tharries also enjoys the MCU, the DCEU as well as Star Wars. His favourite show other than Doctor Who is The Boys.

Personal Life[]

Thomas (nicknamed Tom by his peers) was born in 2003. At only 18 months old he was diagnosed with quadriplegic cerebral palsy a condition that prevents him from walking in addition to other limitations such as limited dexterity. This was revealed in a video titled "Representation of disabilities in Media. (It Takes You Away)" where he expresses his frustration with the representation of disabled people in media and in particular the blind girl in Doctor Who Series 11 episode titled It Takes You Away. This video is no longer available but Tharries continues to discuss disabled issues within his content.

His love for Doctor Who began when he watched the 2008 Christmas special The Next Doctor whilst he admits that it's not the best episode of the show, it certainly ignited his passion for the program that eventually led to the creation of his channel, although his passion for the show did decline when Series 9 was released in 2015, it experienced a resurgence when the first female Doctor was announced in July of 2017.


Tharries has collaborated with many different Doctor Who themed content creators including The Confused Adipose, Jay Exci, Wingy Media, Ace Creeper, Clever Dick Films, Harry's Moving Castle, NitPix, Harbo Wholmes, Channel Pup, DAVIS, Mr Tardis and Geek Rambles.