Dam tempdaleks
Tempromancy of the Daleks
Season Number: 1
Story Number: 6
Doctor: David Nagel Doctor
Companions: Mike
Writer: Aron Toman
Producer: DAM Productions
Release Date: September 2005
Running Time:  ?? minutes
No. Episodes: 4 episodes
Previous Story: Arlington Hall
Following Story: [Season Two]



With the TARDIS back the Doctor and Mike soon find themselves threatened by Tempromancers, the Daleks... and who is this Gradiosi bloke anyway?


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Episode EndingsEdit

  • 1. The Doctor finds he can't get the TARDIS door open, they are shortly menaced by a dalek who declares they are both his prisoners.
  • 2. Inside the dalek base control room, the Doctor rewires the controls to obliterate the Daleks but they burst throw the door and exterminate Mike - the Doctor annouces Mike dead.
  • 3. Having been captured by the Daleks, Beran, Odelia and Xylos are brought into the Daleks' new base of operations. Xylos reveals that the entire planet is his TARDIS.
  • 4.


David Nagel Doctor: David Nagel
Mike: Michael Maher
Odelia: Amy Lynn
Beran: Kenny James
The Temporary: Jennifer Adams Kelley
Xylos: Mike Hurley
K-9: Lee Smith
The Daleks: Matheau Hicks


Sound Design: Matheau Hicks
Music: Rob Thorpe (1 & 2) Tony Diana (3 & 4)
Original Theme: Ron Grainer
Arrangement: Alistair Lock
Cover Art: David Nagel
Director/Producer: David Nagel

Production NotesEdit

Episode One was originally released September 2005
Episode Two was originally released February 2008
Episode Three was originally released October 2008
Episode Four was finally released February 2009

This production is dedicated to the memory of Mike Hurley (who played Time Lord Xylos) who died February 2008


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