Teenz Inc. was formed in Chelmsford, Essex, UK from 2003.

The production company was formed by Christopher Thomson and brother, Scott Thomson. Later it was run by Chris alone until its closure. After its closure of and also the closure of L.F. Films, Christopher Thomson and Nicholas Miles united to create Apeiron Productions.


Although trying to keep original in films they produced, they were consistantly intrigued in making Doctor Who fan films. Beginning with The Scott Thomson Series before moving onto The Christopher Thomson Series and after a two year gap, recently releasing a seperate feature length fan film entitled The Final Adventure. Besides video, there are a few audio dramas.

The Scott Thomson Series
No. Title Writer
01 The Disk Scott Thomson
02 Infection Scott Thomson
03 Half Life Christopher Thomson
04 Signal Disruption Christopher Thomson
05 Rise Of The Daleks Christopher Thomson
06 Big Trouble Scott Thomson
07 Red Alert Scott Thomson
08 Dawn Of Destruction Christopher Thomson

The Christopher Thomson Series
No. Title Writer
01 The Alternative Christopher Thomson
02 Cold Showers Scott Thomson
03 Ice Age Scott Thomson
04 The Crystal Of Thought Matthew Chambers
05 Infection From Within Benji Clifford
06 Destructive Conclusion Benji Clifford

No. Title Writer
01 The Final Adventure Christopher Thomson
02 The Ultimate Conflict Christopher Thomson

Audio Dramas
Title Writer
The Unwanted Secret Christopher Thomson


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