Doctor Who Expanded
Dr James Taylor
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 2015
Travelled with: The Twelveth Doctor
Portrayed by: TBA
Series: TEP

Character Description[]

Taylor is a young scientist for the year 2015. He is an old friend of the Doctors, coming and going in the Doctors travels. Not many know his first name (James) with most calling him Taylor.

Character History[]

The Character of Doctor James Taylor will be introduced mid season 2 as apposed to season 1 due to the series story arc being rearranged.


Doctor Who (TEP) Season 2

A Gifted Friend

Gangsters in New York



Season 3

Prison Break

Blast from the Past

Shadows in the Ice

Time of the Cybermen

Season 4

Appears in all 6 Episodes. This will be Taylors final apperance.

The Unofficial Doctor Who

An alternate version of Dr Taylor appears in Edward Gizzi's Doctor Who series as played by Sam Elliot

  • The Final Hour Part 1
  • The Final Hour Part 2