Doctor Who Expanded
TDWP 11th Doctor
No. seasons: 1
No. stories: 6
First appearance: The 108-Year Hitch
Last appearance: ?
Portrayed by: Winston Adderly
Preceded by: TDWP 10th Doctor
Succeeded by: ?
Series: The Doctor Who Project


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  • Kaylaar
  • Maggie Weitz


Season 43[]

  • The 108-Year Hitch by Hamish Crawford
    • Maggie Weitz and Kaylaar join.
  • The Eternity Ghosts by Matt Tovey
  • The Stardust Shower Affair by Richard Hoover
  • Murder, She Lived! by Hamish Crawford
  • Storm of the Century by R. Morgan Crihfield
  • Cost of Cure by James T. Jeans and Hamish Crawford

Season 44[]

  • Signal To Noise by Hamish Crawford
  • The Horror of Count Wampyr by Hamish Crawford
  • The Evil by Matt Tovey
  • Homeward by Hamish Crawford and Bob Furnell
    • Kaylaar leaves.
  • Hunting The Huntress by Rachel Redhead
  • Senses Presense by Nick Krohn