Doctor Who Expanded
TDWP 10th Doctor
No. seasons: 8
No. stories: 41
First appearance: Pendragon
Last appearance: Infection Vector
Portrayed by: "Laurent Meyer" (based on Vincent Perez)
Preceded by: TDWP 9th Doctor
Succeeded by: TDWP 11th Doctor
Series: The Doctor Who Project


  • Valentina Sara Rossi
  • Tom Brooker
  • Hannah Redfoot


Season 37[]

  • Pendragon by Duncan Johnson
  • The Angel of the North: Part One by Duncan Johnson
  • The Angel of the North: Part Two by Duncan Johnson

2011 Specials[]

  • Peace of Mind by Daniel Tessier
  • The Mountain of Light by Duncan Johnson
  • Stromboli's Comet by Jez Strickley and Jake Johnson

Season 38[]

  • The Mask of Anhur by Robert Mammone
  • The Vault by Miles Reid-Lobatto
  • Second Life by Kyle Bastian
  • Spontaneous Combustion by Jez Strickley
  • Red Shift (Part One) by John Gordon Swogger
  • Blue Shift (Part Two) by John Gordon Swogger
  • The Snow Maiden by Matthew James

Season 39[]

  • Reverence of the Daleks by Kevin Mullen
  • The Spicksbury Horror by Jodie van de Wetering
  • The Night Parade by Duncan Johnson
  • Evolution by Krista Wilson
  • Reflective Dissonance by Lynn Clark
  • Lexicon by Richard Michaels, from a story by Will Hadcroft

Season 40[]

  • Ghost Ship by Krista Wilson and Matthew James
  • Cybercult by Miles Reid-Lobatto
    • Tom and Val leave.
  • Final Reckoning: Part One by John Gordon Swogger
  • Final Reckoning: Part Two by John Gordon Swogger
    • Hannah Redfoot joins.

Season 41[]

  • The Night Before Christmas by Craig Charlesworth
  • The Throne of Peladon (Part One) by James P. Quick
  • The Secret of Peladon (Part Two) by James P. Quick
  • Palimpsest by Hamish Crawford
  • The Web of Insanity by Ian Manning with J.E. Remy
  • Dolce Musica Della Morte by Matthew James
  • Rights and Responsibilities by Richard Hoover
  • Moondust by Nick Krohn

2019 Specials[]

  • About Face by R. Morgan Crihfield
  • The Yuletide Tradition by James Kyle

Season 42[]

  • I.R.L. by Hamish Crawford
  • The Piper by Matt Tovey
  • Diversify or Die by Matthew James and Hamish Crawford
  • Lonely Are The Stars by Miles Reid-Lobatto
  • Terror in Timberland by Nick Krohn
  • Infection Vector by Richard Hoover
    • Hannah leaves, and the Doctor regenerates.