Doctor Who Expanded
Sontaran squad

Sontarans cloned warriors from Sontar.

Type: Solider
Affiliation: Solider, Cloned warriors, Sontaran Empire
Origin: Sontar
Production Group: Crash4563 Productions

Sontarans (Crash4563 Productions)  are a race of militaristic clones from the planet Sontar and they were created by Kaveetch using cloning technology and Sontarans were a clone army that were orignally used by Kaveetch in there war against Rutan Host and Sontarans turned the tide of the war into Kaveetchs favour but Sontarans ousted there creators and conquered Sontar and started there own war on Rutan Host that has lasted for nearly 50,000 years.

The Sontarans are constant enemy and threat and encountered Stephen Paternoster Twelfth Doctor but not James Chaplin Thirteenth Doctor.

Trenzalore incident[]

The Sontarans got involved with Daleks (Crash4563 Productions) and Cybermen (Crash4563 Productions) and besieged and attacked the planet Trenzalore in an attempt to conquer it but Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) saved Trenzalore and defeated his enemies including Sontarans.

Encounter with Twelfth Doctor[]

A Sontaran ship was pursuing a Rutan Ship across space and was gradually slowing down and losing fuel and could not keep up with Rutan ship and had to land on Earth in order to refuel. The ship was piloted by a group of Sontarans but only one Sontaran decided to investigate the surrounding area and made the decision that Earth must be conquered.

The Doctor saw Sontaran ship land and went into the woods to go and confront them and Sontarans all revealed themselves to the Doctor and knowing they were a threat the Doctor tried diplomacy in order to try and get Sontarans to try and leave Earth but they refused. The Doctor had no choice but to damage Sontaran ship in order to get Sontarans to leave but Sontarans refused to leave and wished to conquer Earth but the Doctor gave them last warning and used his sonic screwdriver to destroy the group of Sontarans but they vowed to return but they never did return.

The Doctors Death[]

It is not 100% known if Sontarans became aware of the Doctors death but if they did become aware or eventually found out about it then they would of taken advantage of it and try to invade Earth once again.