Doctor Who Expanded
Sixth Doctor
No. seasons: 4
No. stories: 26
First appearance: The Grogenshire Inheritance, Part One
Last appearance: The Photonic Invasion of Gallifrey, Part Nine
Portrayed by: Jahachandra E. Rangarola
Preceded by: DWv2 Fifth Doctor (Michaela O'Riley)
Succeeded by: DWv2 Seventh Doctor (Douglas Valentine)
Series: IBC Productions

The Sixth Doctor of DWv2 (1985-89) was a older, aloof man, born from his Fifth body perishing due to a laser blast from a Cybergun, who returned to his roots as a scientists and gatherer of knowledge as opposed to the adventuring of his previous incarnation.



Season 22- A New Beginning[]

Season 23- About Time[]

Season 24- The Great Adventure[]

Season 25- Trials and Tribulations[]


  • Catherine 'Cat' Robinson (Cyclops [5th Doctor] - Regeneration of the Daleks)
  • Galen Matthews (Day of the Cybermen [5th Doctor] - Galaxy of Terror)
  • Sally-Anne Pettigrew (The Grogenshire Inheritance - Galaxy of Terror)
  • Tamsin Keeler (The Great Crocodile - The Photonic Invasion of Gallifrey)
  • Scott Thompson (The Great Crocodile - The Photonic Invasion of Gallifrey)