Shadow of the Dragon
Season: 31
Story Number: 152
Doctor: Jeffrey Coburn Doctor
Companions: Christine
Writer: Lance Hall
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 1999
Running Time: 88 minutes
No. Episodes: 4 episodes
Previous Story: The Seventh Dungeon of Drakmoore
Following Story: Radio 2000



For untold millennia, the dragons ruled the skies of every known world. It was only after a great war were these powerful creatures finally able to be destroyed...except for one. This lone survivor was captured and banished to the nether regions outside of time and space, imprisoned forever.

Or so the Time Lords thought.

The ages passed, and the dragon waited, plotting his revenge...waiting for someone to enter his domain and free him. Finally, someone came.

The fate of all life now rests with a renegade Time Lord cut off from his own people and a confused young girl from the middle ages cut off from the world she knew.

The time grows late. The dragon extends his wing.


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  • Originally written for the Seventh Doctor and Ace, this story appears in that form on the USENET newsgroup alt.drwho.creative. A link to the prologue of the story can be found under Links at the bottom of the page.
  • Cut from the original manuscript was the idea that Logopolis played a much larger role. Script editor Thomas Himinez, however, felt that the story would be received better if links to past stories were kept to a minimum, and so only the idea of someone discovering Block Transfer Computation was kept.
  • The part of the computer terminal was played by Jack Zarin-Rosenfeld who won the part as part of a package of prizes during an auction for charity. His other prize was a copy of Empire of the Daleks.




Doctor Who: Jeffrey Coburn
Christine: Rachel Sommers
Anne Smith: Sheri Devine
Terminal Voice: Jack Zarin-Rosenfeld
Petra: Terese Lagana
Simon Weir: Chip Jamison
The Dragon: Jym DeNatale


Script Editor: Thomas Himinez
Title Music: Keff McCulloch
Graphics: Cliff Bowman
Story by: Lance Hall
Special Sounds: Chip Jamison
Produced by: Douglas Phillips
Executive Producer: David Segal
Directed by: Chip Jamison

Production NotesEdit

Production Code: 20D17
(c) 1999 Everlasting Films


Prologue of the original story: Here!

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