Doctor Who Expanded
Illustration by Joely Brown.
Home planet: Unknown
Home era: Unknown
Travelled with: Multiple
First appearance: Sesska's Spa Episode One
Portrayed by: Sesska
Series: Sesska's Spa

Sesska is an occasional companion to the Doctor, though she choses not to join them on their adventures outside the TARDIS, instead preferring the comforts of the ship's spa, which she maintains, and will often share a drink there with other companions when they need to unwind.

Character History[]

The Doctor would sometimes bring her souvenirs from the different worlds they'd explored, possibly in an attem,pt to entise her to join them on an adventure, but Sesska wouldn't be swayed. It was a rear occurrence that the Doctor would stay to enjoy the spa's facilities themselves as, in Sasska's own words, to the Doctor 'relaxing and lazing around can be so dull and boring'.

The gifts she has received from the Doctor include a magic mirror that can predict the future, a spacial shampoo that can change your hair colour into any you desire and a small sentient plant, the latter of which she would name Freddy and would become Sasska's companion in the spa.

It's unknown when Sasska first met the Doctor, though it is known she traveled with Polly at one point, implying she traveled with the Doctor as early as his First or Second incarnations. She also traveled with Jamie, unknown if this was with the Second or Sixth Doctors, or both, as well as with Amy, Rory and the Eleventh Doctor.


Sasska is a humanoid woman with lilac eyes and long red hair, it's unknow if this is her natural hair colour or a result of the hair colour changing shampoo she was given by the Doctor.

Sesska is visually based on series creator and namesake Sesska, known for her reaction YouTube channel Sesskasays, with illustrations provided by Joely Brown.