Doctor Who Expanded
Second and a Half Doctor
No. stories: 2
First appearance: Devious
Last appearance: The Ten Doctors
Portrayed by: Tony Garner
Preceded by: Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)
Succeeded by: Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)
Series: Doctor Who: Devious Team

The Second and a Half Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor that is played by Tony Garner in Devious. This incarnation, as its name suggests, is the result of a half-regeneration.


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Creation of this incarnation differs between the two stories he has appeared in. While Devious states that the Second Doctor's regeneration was stopped midstream by the Time Lord High Council to test him, The Ten Doctors has the Second Doctor (during Season 6B) create this incarnation as a physical apparition "different enough from me, but not quite him" in a moment of need, a reference to the fact that Garner has been compared to both Troughton and Pertwee.

This discrepancy can be rectified, however ‐ the video of the Second Doctor's trial seen in Devious (archive footage from The War Games) may have been a deceptive recording, and the Doctor was in fact retrieved during his forced regeneration at the end of The Night Walkers. This would allow for Season 6B to remain intact, with his appearance in The Ten Doctors being the Second Doctor getting an inadvertent glimpse of his future. 'The Never Was' an alternative time line where Doctor two and a half didn't complete his regeneration onto the third Doctor we all know, but continues to have many adventures until being poisoned while saving the planet of the Seekers and regenerates into an alternative third Doctor (Mark Jones) who goes on to battle the Daleks and discover the true nature of his existance.