Doctor Who Expanded
Affiliated with: Catrona
Race: Human
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 51st Century
First appearance: The Rogue Meteorite
Last appearance: The Rogue Meteorite
Portrayed by: n/a

Character History[]

Samuel was a human male from the 51st Century. He was incharge of a gang of thiefs who did tasks for people. He met A werecat called Catrona on a Space Station he had discovered that she was on the run from the Hunts People. He blackmailed her getting her to join him or else he would return her to the Hunts people.

His last ever task was to raid the Time Agency for a Time Machine. He and his gang failed as they where attacked by a Corpean Catterpillar. It backed them up into a Time Machine and they where sent to the 21st Century. The Time Machine needed four hours to recharge and it had landed in the Underground. They boarded a train to see what it was like it was hit by a Meterorite and a Corpean Catterpillar hatched. He later met the doctor he took Catrona to the underground and forced her to Transform this attack failed. He, Catrpona and the Doctor where chased back to the Time Machine. He, Zo and Ben got trapped inside the Time Machine as well as the Catterpillar. They went back home to the 51st Century and was killed by the Corpean Catterpillar.

List of Appearances[]