Doctor Who Expanded

​Robert 'Bobby'​ would of been the third co-founder of Crash4563 Productions along with cousins Stephen Paternoster and James Chaplin. Bobby was a friend of James and was going to be brought in by James to help with and join the Doctor Who series.

However due to some uncertain circumstances a scandal emerged about Bobby and nothing was ever finalised between Bobby and James and Bobby never joined the Doctor Who series and never became a part of it. If the scandal did not happen and everything was finalised between Bobby and James then Bobby would of joined and become the third co-founder of Crash4563 Productions.

In the words of Stephen Paternoster[]

When me and my cousin James Chaplin started to work on his Doctor Who series James wanted to bring in more people to make the series bigger and have a big cast instead of me and James playing all the characters and by adding more people it would make it better and more diverse. James was good friends with a guy called Robert at school but he liked to be called Bobby and unfortunately I cannot remember his surname. James and I used to talk on MSN messenger a lot back in the day and James said to me he wanted to bring in his friend Bobby to help with the Doctor Who series and I thought it was a great idea but I was a little reluctant because I did not know him that well.

I got to know Bobby at school through James and I got to know him better but I did not know him that well and I walked with James and Bobby after school finished one day and I don't remember James and Bobby discussing anything about the Doctor Who series and the chances are James probably did ask him about it but I was not aware of it I don't remember it at all apart from some little conversation between them maybe. James started to say things about Bobby to me that were inappropriate and I believed him.

Then the scandal at school about Bobby happened and he got dragged into that so nothing was ever finalised between him and James. James then said to me he lied about what he said about Bobby but I did not believe him and the inappropriate thing he said was connected to Bobby and the scandal that started to happen. James said he was joking but I knew what was right and the scandal carried on and Bobby got upset and left school for awhile but eventually returned.

Nathan Chaplin James's brother was cast instead and we never brought anybody else into the Doctor Who series but if the scandal did not happen and something was finalised between James and Bobby then Bobby would of defiantly joined us and become part of the Doctor Who series.