The terminally daft Rob McCow

Rob McCow
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 2007
Travelled with: Planet Skaro Doctor, Nick
First appearance: Echoes of the Protii
Last appearance: to date: Blood Money
Portrayed by: Steven Alexander
Series: Planet Skaro Audios

Character HistoryEdit

Poor Rob was rather young when he first came aboard the TARDIS, on the day Autons burst into the shoe shop where he worked on Monserrat Road, Putney. Bored by his dull, suburban life with his Mum, Linda McCow and Beatles records, he didn't think twice before accepting the Doctor's offer of a life of adventure. That all seems like a very long time ago now. Rob loves the Doctor with all his heart, but finds mistakes easy to make - the loyalties of a young man as insecure as Rob are easily twisted. Rob's biggest battle is for doing the right thing, when he's not really sure what the right thing is...

Often coming across as terminally daft or as Nick put it, "one weird guy" Rob McCow is actually a very capable companion, it's just he has a knack of getting himself into trouble and causing the Doctor more trouble without meaning to. Despite moments of tension, Rob is a valued member of this TARDIS team and is close to both the Doctor and fellow companion, Nick. one thing is for sure, life aboard the TARDIS would be far duller without Rob!

Rob McCow is played by Steven Alexander

List of AppearancesEdit

Echoes of the Protii

Soap of Fatal Death


Magical History Tour

Doctor Who and the Christmas Gnomes

The Paradise Machine

The Curse of Ratanapura

Eye of the Daleks

Many Happy Returns

Christmas Spirits

Blood Money

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