Doctor Who Expanded
Season: 1
Story Number: 1
Doctor: The Twelfth Doctor (The Imperial Phantom Menace)
Companions: John Walters
Writer: The Imperial Phantom Menace
Producer: Bankai Entertainment
Release Date: April 2, 2015
Running Time: 10:26
No. Episodes: 1
Previous Story: N/A
Following Story: Edge of the Tardis

"I'm giving you one chance, Eternat. Leave this planet."

Regeneration is the first episode of the first series of Doctor Who: Born Again, released on YouTube on April 2, 2016. It was written, produced and directed by The Imperial Phantom Menace. It features the first appearance of Phantom as the The Twelfth Doctor (The Imperial Phantom Menace) and his companion John Walters, played by Phantom.


The Doctor has regenerated, but will he be up in time to save the world from the Eternat?