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R. Douglas Barbieri

Season Thirty-Six
No. Title Writer Episodes
178 Might of the Starry Sea by J.D. Smith 5 episodes (first appears halfway through Part 4)
179 Faces of the Dead by James Durkin 4 episodes
180 Fire Child by Jim Falba 3 episodes

Season Thirty-Seven
No. Title Writer Episodes
181 Master of the Odin by Shelly Dean 4 episodes
182 The Time Traveller by James Durkin 7 episodes
183 Sleepless Amberley by Whitney Robinson 3 episodes
184 Legacy of the Zylons by Thomas Himinez 4 episodes
185 Nighttime by James Durkin 2 episodes

Season Thirty-Eight
No. Title Writer Episodes
186 Era of Decay by Jim Falba 4 episodes
187 0, 0, 0 by Daniel Callahan 3 episodes
188 The Dying of the Light by Jamie Hardwick 4 episodes
189 Zylon: Rebellion by Thomas Himinez 4 episodes
190 A Beautiful Mess by Lucille Arboine 4 episodes

Season Thirty-Nine
No. Title Writer Episodes
191 Dalek Oblivion by James Durkin ??? episodes
192 Rhythm of the Piper by Lucille Arboine ??? episodes
193 The Labours of Travellers by Jay Bishop-Thompson ??? episodes
194 The Empire of Dirt by Jay Bishop-Thompson ??? episodes
195 Masquerade by James Durkin ??? episodes

Preceded by James K. Flynn era.

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