Doctor Who Expanded

The longest and possibly most ambitious Professor Who story was filmed in 2007, and was filmed in multiple countries. The Professor is summoned by a mysterious diary that appears in the TARDIS to Lithuania, from where the adventure begins. Little does he know it is a trap by a Time Demon, Scardenjen. The Professor

International Diary
Mali 10

travels though Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, and England to get to the bottom of this mystery. He finally arrives in Mali tracking a time crack to its source, and falls through a crack in time to face Scardenjen....

11E - International Diary
Production Code 11E
Professor Seventh
Features Andrew Boland, Julia Sherbakova, Paul Remmer, Gerhard Weber, Daniel Maurer & Graham Lee
Running Time 1 episode, 69 minutes.
Filmed October-November 2007, Australia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, England & Mali

Preceeded by <unknown>

Followed by Forgotten

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