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Crystolon Fhaar, twin planet of Venator Fhaar. Sometimes it is referred to the 'emerald arctic' because it was for several thousands of years a bare frozen desert with emerald pillars sticking up everywhere. In this time it became under siege by rogue crystolosians. During this time the other crystolosians turned themselves into cyborgs for protection until the planet became covered in emerald again, as it was before it was a desert.



Well versed in being invaded.



A binary star system on the outer edges of the galaxy. Consisting of a primary G1 star, Galen Alpha, and a red dwarf star, Galen Beta. There are ten principle bodies (3 major supra-Jovian class, 2 Neptunian, 5 terrestrial), each with their own satellites. Also two asteroid belts.


The second planet from Galen Alpha. An oxygen rich forest planet, with 80% ocean cover. It has a single satellite named Tarack.

Features in Tyranny of the Daleks

Greenios Stardos[]

A green planet with extinct inhabitants.

Features in Corruption of the Daleks



Never referred to by it's chart name. Homeworld was mistakenly destroyed by The Doctor, whilst trying to destroy a killer computer gone mad - BABE.

Features in The Space Wail by the Audio Visuals.



A planet visited in Target Zylon. It was inhabited by the Zylons.

Features in Target Zylon by the The Doctor Who Audio Dramas (DWAD).


Mandor System[]

A planetary system situated near Gallifrey. Source of the rare mineral Z-1138, as found on the asteroid Tria.

Features in The Mines of Mandor by Dream Realm Enterprises



Home planet of the Daleks.


Venator Fhaar, twin planet of Crystolon Fhaar. Sometimes it is referred to as the 'ruby planet' because it was for several thousands of years a desert with ruby pillars and domes sticking up everywhere. It and its twin planet became like this when the criminal Norvus took over the throne. The Doctor overthrew the villain and restored the planet's true emperor to his rightful power. Once this had happenedthe planet became entirely ruby as it was in the distant past.



A gas giant planet with numerous moons.

Features in The Zorbosian Trilogy by Sigma Phi Kappa.