The Planet Skaro Doctor

In this regeneration, The Doctor is a calm, likeable yet authoritive figure with a toussle of light brown hair. He dresses somewhere between an Edwardian gentleman and a tramp, with a battered checked jumper beneath a pin stripped velevet jacket and finished off with an elegent trilby. The Doctor likes his comforts around him, and this incarnation runs the TARDIS always with fresh supplies of Battenburg cake and English Tea at hand. He'd like nothing more than to sit down and enjoy a Simon and Garfunkel concert or a good meal but finds universal events conspire to prevent him having the time for the finer things in life.

The Doctor sympathises with the everyman but doesn't spare his enemies (or his friends!) when he has a point to make. Indeed, everything points to something rather dark bubbling beneath the surface of this incarnation - his private rooms aboard the TARDIS are always locked to his friends and he has a rather sharp temper when he feels his companions have stepped out of line, patricularly if it's Rob McCow!

This Doctor often looks out for the bigger picture and doesn't always consider the details of his actions. His battle with the Exec in Soap of Fatal Death leaves the timelines safe, but strands his companions in different time zones on Earth and nearly destroys his TARDIS, and his efforts to defeat Professor Bonham in Magical History Tour threaten his close bond with his companion, Nick.

He has a fun side though. He is often underestimated by his enemies, to whom he often appears to be a fool, jabbering on about tea, his clothes and adventures he's had across the universe. He likes to show off to his newest companion Edward Bradley about his own capabilites and those of the TARDIS and the two of them have an enjoyably spiky relationship.

In The Curse of Ratanapura we discovered the Doctor had previously travelled with a young lady called Rosalind, suggesting he has been in his current incarnation for many years.

There are hints that this Doctor has been a father to his companion Nick though how and why this has happened is yet to be explained...

The Planet Skaro Audios Doctor is played by Paul Monk

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