Pip Madeley was an graphic designer and technical admin for the Planet Skaro message board from 2002 to 2010. As well as producing cover artwork for the first three seasons of the Planet Skaro Audios, Madeley was part of the regular cast and produced the final episode of Doctor Who and the Christmas Gnomes in 2007. He also co-wrote and produced the 2008 story The Curse of Ratanapura with Si Hunt.

In recent years, Madeley's humourous fan edits have screened at several events including Pandorica, The Capitol, Vworp, The Day Of The First Doctor, The Quiz of Rassilon and Gallifrey One.

In June 2018, Madeley was asked to produce the second Fourth Doctor trailer for the seven week long Classic Series marathon on live streaming video platform Twitch. The trailer subsequently featured in Doctor Who Magazine and Madeley was invited back to produce trailers for the Sixth and Seventh Doctors.

Madeley also produced the "cinematic trailer" for the Doctor Who: The Collection - Season 19 Blu-Ray box set in November 2018. The 90-second trailer was screened at the BFI's screening of Earthshock on Saturday 17th November and published on the official BBC Doctor Who YouTube channel on Monday 3rd December.

In February 2019, Madeley contributed the introduction video to the The Women Who Lived panel at the Gallifrey One covention held in Los Angeles, hosted by authors Simon Guerrier and Christel Dee. The trailer subsequently featured in DWM.

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