Doctor Who Expanded

The North Carolina Lethargy Club was a film production group responsible for Doctor Who fan films and other original work featuring David Kalat and Andrew Chilton. The group produced films in the US city of Raleigh, North Carolina. Kalat champions obscure films from his DVD label All Day Entertainment and performs the audio commentary on the 2011 Criterion release of the original Godzilla film.


Doctor Who[]

  • Wrath of the Cybermen (1985)
  • The Return of the Mind of Evil (1985)
  • The Taste of Vengeance (1985)

Original Work[]

  • Kalat: Ace of Spies (1985)
  • TV: The Movie (1986)
  • Big Time (1987, music video)
  • Is There No Room for Heroes? (1988)


David Kalat was aone of the original members of The Beeblebrox Company; when it moved north the NCLC was born, featuring a number of Beeblebrox players.