Home planet: Unknown
Travelled with: Planet Skaro Doctor, Rob McCow Alternate Doctor
First appearance: Echoes of the Protii
Portrayed by: Dave Tudor/Danny Smith Ethan
Series: Planet Skaro Audios

Alternate Doctor Who

Character History[edit | edit source]

Nick is a male companion of the Planet Skaro Audio's Doctor. Not a lot is yet known about the background of reliable, unfazed Nick - except that he has rather special mental powers, suggesting an ancestry or history we may find surprising. These powers make him both helpful to the Doctor, but also vulnerable - the evil Protii recently exploited them to almost destroy the time lines and he could feel the potent psychic forces used by the Exec on the Clear Waters set. But contrastingly, Nick is perhaps the most human of the TARDIS crew, with his love of Cher and the charming twentieth century soap opera Clear Waters which he never misses an episode of - no matter where in time and space he is.

Nick has had more than his fair share of love interests from the manipulative Scott on Gidi to Beatles manager Brian Epstein. Yet despite this, his sexuality is still uncertain and he seems reticent to leave the Doctor. For the moment Nick is quite happy to continue exploring time and space with the Doctor.

then see alternate events of his life. 

Nick is played by Dave Tudor/Danny Smith/Ethen 

List of Appearances[edit | edit source]

Echoes of the Protii

Soap of Fatal Death

Magical History Tour


Doctor Who and the Christmas Gnomes

The Paradise Machine

The Curse of Ratanapura

The Crystal Eye

Many Happy Returns

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