Doctor Who Expanded

Botcherby's Fan Audios Database and Blog

Launched on 31st March 2008, it is a site dedicated to information on Doctor Who fan audio dramas. It is hosted on Wordpress. The site was originally named after the character Oscar Botcherby from the Doctor Who TV episode 'The Two Doctors' but is now called Nerva Beacon.

Mission Statement[]

  1. To maintain a full listing of all fan produced Doctor Who audio dramas, and some relevant spin-offs. Where possible providing links to the creators websites and downloads.
  2. To post details of newly released audio dramas. Occasionally they’ll be trailers for forthcoming releases too.
  3. For those audios that have been lost in the winds of time, Nerva Beacon has been contacting old producers for permission to host them for short periods, and hopefully get the authors comments too.