Nathaniel Westbridge
Affiliated with: Planet Skaro Doctor
Race: Human
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 34th Century
Portrayed by: Simon Hart
Series: Planet Skaro Audios

Nathaniel Westbridge is a character who appears in the Planet Skaro Audios.

Character History Edit

Nathaniel Westbridge is a thespian actor who provides the voices for most of the computer systems in the future.

After the planet Earth was sold and rented out to the Boralan's and the Skraith, Westbridge found himself on the side of the planet which the Skraith occupied, and was taken prisoner and thrown into one of the detention centres. Rob McCow encountered Nathaniel for the first time when he was also taken to the detention centre, and Nathaniel proudly introduced himself and attempted to help Rob out - providing him with information about what exactly was going on. To Nathaniel's dismay, he and Rob were selected for the Skraith brainwashing process, and Nathaniel was converted into a mindless soldier.

Following an altercation with Tor Garane, Nathaniel was injured, and eventually broke free of the brainwashing after the Doctor and Garane shut down the Skraith brainwashing transmitter.

Appearances Edit

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