Mindmask jcard
Season: 22
Story Number: 107
Doctor: David Segal Doctor
Companions: Susie Jo Parker, Kevin Vasavious, K-9
Writer: Dusty McRee
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 1984
Running Time: 60 minutes
No. Episodes: 3 episodes
Previous Story: The Brown Death
Following Story: The Comet Empire



The Doctor, Kevin, and Susie Jo land on the planet Terra-Nova in the 32nd century. "Thirty-second century, Susie Jo. 3147. Thirty-second century."

While exploring the planet, they find that all activities are oriented around the mind. But this has an even deeper purpose as Kevin and Susie Jo soon find out.

"The gold tickets are our reception devices and those two are the only ones in the audience who have them. That way, we can control their minds and no one will be the wiser. Start the concert!"
"Right away!"

Will the Doctor mind the mind invasion? Tune in to Mindmask and find out...if you don't mind.


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Only story in the DWAD lineup to feature "Howard DaSilva"-like continuity announcements. Also has clips of the next story, The Comet Empire at the end.


Doctor Who: David Segal
Dr Kevin Vasavious: Stephen Tyler
Susie Jo Parker: Karen Walters
John: Patrick Stalling
MC: Thomas Himinez
Introduced by: Peter Hinchman


Script Editor: Michael Brennan
Title Music: Ron Grainer
Graphics: Daniel Cobb
Story by: Dusty McRee
Additional Script: Gerry David
Special Sounds: Everlasting Films
Produced by: Richard Segal
Executive Producer: Jerry Segal
Directed by: Cheryl Kreps

Production NotesEdit

Production Code: 8C42
(c) 1984 $egal/CHORD Productions


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