JKFlynn Era
Might of the Starry Sea
Season: 36
Story Number: 178
Doctor: James K. Flynn Doctor

R Douglas Barbieri Doctor

Companions: Robbie Peterson
Writer: J.W. Smith
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: Winter 2010/2011
Running Time: 144 minutes
No. Episodes: 5 episodes
Previous Story: End of Innocence
Following Story: Faces of the Dead



In pursuit of past-times, they visit Planet Earth in the year 2900. It is a golden age for humanity and home to one of the wonders of the Milky Way galaxy: The Sanctuary.

An orbiting shelter-of-last-resort, the Sanctuary was built to preserve the many extra-terrestrial animal species of the Milky Way, whose home planets are dead or dying. The monumental project represents the single most massive conservation effort in the history of mankind.

But all has not gone to plan...

The Doctor and Robbie arrive to discover that humanity, with the best of intentions, has nevertheless placed itself on the brink of self-destruction.

The two adventurers set forth upon a course that will take them backward in time and halfway across the galaxy in search of Planet Earth's salvation...


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This is the first time that Doctor Who Audio Dramas have done a mid-story regeneration.


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Doctor Who/The Doctor played by James K. Flynn and R. Douglas Barbieri
Robbie Peterson played by Shawnie Miles
Cathy Peterson played by Helen Quigley

Jerome played by Rish Outfield
Valerie Shannon played by Katie Burke
Richard played by David Rodwell
Field Marshall Stephens played by Rina Adachi
Cameraman played by Lee Sands


Script Editor: Shannon Marie Reseda
Title Music by: Murray Gold
Graphics by: Jack Stalling
Story by: J.W. Smith
Special Sounds by: Everlasting Films, Audio Sparxs and TGC
Post-Production Vocal Editing by: R. Douglas Barbieri
Title Sequence by: Zhaboka, Who3D
Produced by: Allen Davidson
Directed by: Evan Halls-Smith
Production Number: 23DWA178
2010 by Segalchord Productions

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