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Mercurian Mayhem
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Tenth Doctor
Rose Tyler Captain Jack Harkness
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The year is 6012 on Mercury, three beings appear in the distance and make their way to the core to destroy the planet, then the TARDIS appears, now their in for it.


The TARDIS arrives as Rose wants to go to Mercury, the Doctor takes out oxygen units similar to the chameleon arch and they put it on, Jack asks why they travel, the Doctor replies "Well, I travel because, well you know last of the Time Lords and all that and Rose tags along", "We honestly just want to see everything, back in the old days on Gallifrey, we were allowed to leave, but not go too far, but now", "But Doctor, what is with all the aliens you come across", says Jack, "Well, I suppose conincidence, oh I don't know, we just try to stay out of-", the Doctor, Rose and Jack stop as they are met by some small native creatures "-Trouble", says the Doctor.

"We are the Mercurians", "Uh, hi, I'm the Doctor", "I'm Rose Tyler", "And I'm Captain Jack Harkness", Meanwhile in the planet's core, "The Doctor?" says a deep metallic voice, "He has returned to destroy us". 


The Doctor 

Rose Tyler

Captain Jack Harkness

Mysterious Beings

Mysterious Leader

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