Doctor Who Expanded
Memories Of The Doctor
Doctor: The Fairytale Doctor/The Starlight Doctor
Companions: Hannah Valentine
Writer: George Guidera & Jed T. E. Rhodes
Producer: Instability Productions
Release Date: May 10, 2024
Running Time: 1:12:25
No. Episodes: 1

Memories Of The Doctor is a multi-Doctor story created by Instability Productions to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who. It was written by George Guidera & Jed T. E. Rhodes, and starred George Guidera as The Fairytale Doctor, Kathryn Haynes as The Starlight Doctor and Lucy Spencer as Hannah Valentine, alongside Rassilon Productions as The Monk, Jed T. E. Rhodes as Gortrack, and James York as Owen. Various other Doctor's from both the BBC TV show and other fan series universe, The Yggdrasil Universe , make cameos. It was released on YouTube in May 2024.



The Doctors must Unite to save their memories from the Evil Gortack! Celebrating 60 years of time and Space, Memories of the Doctor sees the Doctors facing the team-up of the evil Gortack and the Meddling Monk. Poor Hannah Valentine is caught in the middle of all this.


Written By George Guidera & Jed T. E. Rhodes

Directed By George Guidera

Edited By Ross Wilson

Music By Jed T. E. Rhodes

Cover Art By Iris Prindel

Produced By George Guidera

Vortex Element By Jed T E Rhodes



Memories Of The Doctor on YouTube