Doctor Who Expanded
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Season: 32
Story Number: 160
Doctor: Jym DeNatale Doctor
Companions: Christine
Writer: Julio Angel Ortiz
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 2003
Running Time: 60 minutes
No. Episodes: 3 episodes
Previous Story: The Chimera's Game
Following Story: Time's Champions



This is the real world.

Christine is like every other normal young girl. She participates in extra curricular activities like the Shakespeare's club. She tries hard to get good grades in school. She gets invited to parties, and maybe she'll find time to date someone. She lives in suburbia with her Mother and a busy Father, in a wonderful house on a wonderful little street. She's a big fan of a little cult show called Mister When. Christine is just like anybody else. Right?

So why are the pages in her History class book changing to reveal a new culture? Why does Christine keep hearing strange sounds coming from her Father's study, a room that terrifies her? Why is her Mother so intent on Christine meeting her Cousins at the family reunion, cousins Christine can't remember ever having. And who is the mysterious man who has apparently moved in next door, into a lot where just yesterday there was no house?

Christine is trying to put the pieces together. Maybe she's going mad. Maybe this is just a dream. Christine can't tell for sure. This is, after all, the only life she's ever known.


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Doctor Who: Jym DeNatale
Christine: Rachel Sommers
Erin: Heather Browning
Mr Patterson: Dave Conole
Mother: Sheri Devine
Mr Carhill: David Segal
Korax: Chip Jamison
Engineer: Jim Timons
Announcer: Peter Hinchman


Script Editor: Fawn Adamson
Incidental Music: Rob Dunlop
Title Music: John Debney
Graphics: WHO3D
Story by: Julio Angel Ortiz
Special Sounds: Chip Jamison
Post Production: Rob Dunlop
Produced by: Thomas Himinez
Executive Producer: David Segal
Directed by: Thomas Himinez

Production Notes[]

Production Code: 8E5
(c) 2003 Everlasting Films


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