Doctor Who Expanded

McEdam's Fan-Novels Series was a planned, now abandoned idea By Adam Boyes.

Series 1[]

Doctor Who[]





"The Leader of Akhaten" 1 Susan, Ian & Barbara Vigil, Silent Assassin (OC), Gate Keeper (OC) Rings of Akhaten
"Night of the Terrible Zodin" 2 Jamie McCrinnagon Zodin Victorian London
"The Unforgiving Mind" 3 The Brigadier, Sargent Benton, Mike Yates The Master, The Great Intellgence 1970s/80s
"Hunter of Death" 4 Leela, K-9 Night Hunter (OC) The Saceship Star Gazer (OC)
"Control of Humanity" 5 Nessa, Tegan, Adtic The Scientific Reform Society Earth 1980
"The Cures for Information" 6 Peri Sil The Glaxy Senator (OC)
7 Ace
"Destiny of the Mark" 8 Lucy Miller Mark 1 (OC) Spaceport 1,334,371,234,529
"The Bad Doctors" War The Valeyard, Rassalon, Omega Gallifrey
"Battle of the Millonth" 9 Rose, Captain Jack Space Romans (OC) Planet of the Gods (OC)
"The Malevolent Cold" 10 Martha Ice Warriors The Asteroid Planet, Boresa (OC)
"The War of the Cybermen" 11 Amy, Rory Cybermen, Cybus Cyber-Ships
"The Outburst" 12 Nardol, AsBill Donmantors, Quarks The Planet Tallon (OC)
The Quest of Victory 13 Graham, Yaz, Ryan


Title Series Villians Setting
"The Hidden Files" Torchwood
The Space Drama The Sarah Jane Adventures 
The Flame, The War and The Secret Class

(OC) = Original Concept