Doctor Who Expanded
Matthew Chambers Doctor
No. seasons: 1
First appearance: Chimera
Portrayed by: Matthew Chambers
Preceded by: David Nagel Doctor
Series: DAM Productions


This Doctor is far brasher, and a little more judgemental. He's still the same warm personality, but he's far more forthright. By far a much more darker personality constantly seeing a darkness and menace where ever they go, whether it be past present or future in relation where and when he and Sammy are.

His dress sence is far more edwardian harking back to the days where he was a much older man. This Doctor loves fun and adventure and solid mystery, and is much more akin to the Sixth Doctor, thus making him very alien, highly pragmatic.

But at the same time, this Doctor recognises the old encroaching years and so is much more a grandfather/old uncle at heart.

If not to make his personality even more complicated and convoluted, this Doctor has a wonderful child likeness to him aswell. Loves games and jolyfacations, he collects comics and loves anything comic book related, and adores anything cherry flavoured...odd but there you go

Loves a good sword fight, no guns, no killing just a good sword bout.

Text by Matthew Chambers


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