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Matt Williams
Born Matthew Williams
Occupation Actor
Siblings Harry Williams
Ethan Williams

Matt Williams is a young British actor who rose to moderate Youtube fame for his role as Danny Gould (and later on as Bob the Flower Alien) in the online sci-fi drama series Time Agent.

Matt also had cameo apperances in Billy Treacy's 'Doctor Poo' and Jaime Carroll's 'Doctor Who: The 11th Regeneration' Youtube Doctor Who fan film series. 

Time Agent[]

Matt Williams' debut episode in Time Agent was in Series One's "Agent Liam" where his character, Danny Gould, first encounters Agent Liam and his Time Agent team. Danny was later enlisted onto the team, his nickname being Danny the rookie, and starred throughout all of Series One before being shockingly killed off in the Series One finale, "Dark Revelations." 

Matt Williams later reprised his role as Danny in flashback scenes in "Memoirs of the Lost," which was the second of three specials in 2009, whilst also playing Bob the Flower Alien during all three special episodes as well.

Matt Williams would make another appearance in the rebooted Series Two, cameoing in Episode Three "Redemption of Mortis," appearing in yet another flashback scene revealing what happened to Agent Mortis after the events of the Series One finale (as until now, the events were never shown onscreen and were left open as a mystery). This was to be Matt Williams' last onscreen appearance, however his character was briefly mentioned by the Executive in the Series Three finale, "Judgement Day," as the megalomanic mocked Agent Liam for being the cause of his friends' deaths. Up until then, Danny was only referred to as "Danny the rookie" so his surname was fully revealed to be Danny Gould, something the producers decided to do with both Danny and Ben the gunman (who's surname was revealed to be Goodlad) to tie up a loose end that the producers felt neccessary to bring closer on these characters, as well as a nice reference to the older and longterm fans of the show.


  • Time Agent - Danny and Bob the Flower Alien
  • Doctor Poo - Danny
  • Doctor Who: The 11th Regeneration - Hologran
  • Dan the Cyborg - Bob the Flower Alien
  • Dan's Diary: Bob the Flower Alien
  • Bob the Alien (cancelled): Bob the Flower Alien
  • Doctor who (Loose springs): The Doctor