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Dr. MAK - Antique Picture
Mark Kalita Doctor
No. seasons: 4
No. stories: 42
First appearance: Grave White North
Last appearance: Viracocha
Portrayed by: Mark Kalita
Series: BrokenSea Audio Productions

Originally debuted in 2003 at Darker Projects and continued in 2008 at BrokenSea Audio Productions, this incarnation of the Doctor still suffers from a memory lapse of any incarnations past his 10th. Upon crashing to Earth and being discovered in Canada by UNIT North America, he soon regenerated into his current form: that of a fairly tall, well-built young man visually in his mid- to late 30's. Little is actually known about what caused his TARDIS to crash or forced him to regenerate, and that mystery still remains to this day.


This current incarnation is notable for being very much the sum of his previous regenerations...and more. Periodic vocal mannerisms and occasional dialogue harken back particularly to the 4th, 5th as well as the 6th and 10th Doctors. His enjoyment of action and gadgetry also evokes the spirit of the 3rd Doctor. But make no mistake, this Time Lord stands on his own, adding an entertaining mix of humor and eccentricity to bouts of seriousness and outright rage against his more audacious foes. Ever the eternal wanderer, Mark Kalita's Doctor shows he's "been there" and "done that" but still manages to maintain an almost childlike wonder, curiosity and appreciation for the ever-expanding universe around him.

His original clothing bore an Edwardian flair owing to a long, dark grey coat, wing-necked collar, cravat and silk waistcoat patterned with gold fleurs de lis. His attire eventually modernized and bore a distinct influence from his 9th incarnation in the form of a black or brown leather sport coat, black jeans and loafers with a waistcoat and gold pocket watch.

With the conclusion of the Season 3 episode, The Quorum of Time, Mark's Doctor underwent a curious "regeneration" -- back into his previous body -- which, it was finally revealed, was his 13th incarnation. Having refused to join Rassilon, Omega and Merlinthisarcalian, to complete the eternal Quorum and gain godlike power, the Doctor was returned to his body and received what is presently believed to be a full new cycle of regenerations. The newly reinvigorated Doctor has so far shown a renewed passion for life and robust excitement for continuing his adventures. His present clothing, believed to be in a transitional stage, features a high collared shirt, black tuxedo jacket and pants along with a colorful cummerbund and ascot reminiscent of Freddie Mercury's costume in the video for I'm Going Slightly Mad.


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