Many Happy Returns
Season: 2
Story Number: 5
Doctor: Planet Skaro Doctor
Companions: Nick Rob McCow
Writer: Simon Hart
Producer: Planet Skaro Audios
Release Date: 14/11/08
Running Time: 15 minutes
No. Episodes: 1 Mini episode
Previous Story: Eye of the Daleks
Following Story: Christmas Spirits



Nick and Rob are taking the oppotunity in a quiet moment between their adventures to explore the TARDIS. Deep in the maze of corridors they find a dusty old wooden control room, the perfect venue for a little surprise they have planned for the Doctor.

Will they be able to pluck Simon and Garfunkel out of their time stream and pop them down in the TARDIS? How will the Doctor's running repairs to his beloved ship affect their plans? What's wrong with the Cloister Room? And who is having the perfect cuppa?

Rob and Nick grapple with a little time problem, but just what have they brought to the TARDIS?


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  • Returning characters in this story are-
From Echoes of the Protii: Vera Jundrey/ Christmas 
                           Waterguard Costa
From Soap of Fatal Death: Daniel Nelson/ Ethan Fox
From Keepsake: Ben
From Magical History Tour: Craig Jundrey
From The Paradise Machine: The Baron of Boralis
  • Vera is still married to Father Christmas
  • The TARDIS's Architectural Configuration once went on the blink and aciidently deleted the bathroom, leading the Doctor to spend 5 days searching for it.
  • The Secondary Control Room makes its first appearance in a Planet Skaro audio.
  • The Doctor is usually reticent to mention his birthday.
  • Rob and Nick have both experienced starnge birthdays during their travles with The Doctor. Nick's trip to the set of his favourite soap opera, Clear Waters, ended with the show being cancelled in Soap of Fatal Death and Rob was taken to the Dolcis Hyper-Shoe-Mart, where he didn't enjoy the shoes.
  • Nick and Rob allude to the Doctor liking the music of both Simon and Garfunkel and George Gershwin.





  • Many Happy Returns was written, directed and produced by Simon Hart.
  • Doctor Who Theme arranged by Cybertech.

Production NotesEdit

  • Many Happy Returns is a special Mini-episode from the Planet Skaro Audios team for Children in Need 2008.
  • Simon and Garfunkel make a cameo appearance.


Available for download here Vera Jundrey

Baron of Boralis

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