Magical History Tour
Season Number: 1
Story Number: 4
Doctor: Planet Skaro Doctor
Companions: Rob McCow, Nick
Producer: Planet Skaro Audios
Release Date:
Running Time:
No. Episodes:
Previous Story: Keepsake
Following Story: Consequences



Rob looked at his watch for the umpteeth time. Where on earth was the Doctor?

He turned to his friend Nick, but as he opened his mouth to vent yet another loud proclaimation of protest, his words were suddenly lost. Nick was staring at the sky, his face twisted in anguish and surprise. Rob followed his gaze, and then he saw it. The battered blue police box, tumbling and richochetting accross the afternoon sky above them as if it were a toy, a trail of burning vapour hanging in the air as it fell. Rob opened his mouth and cried the single word that filled his thoughts."Doctor

The TARDIS has been destroyed and the Doctor lost, presumed dead. For Nick, life has never been better- he's made a fresh start in 1967, schmoozing with Brian Epstein and Lulu. Meanwhile Rob is back in the present day, where life isn't so easy for a bored ex-time traveller.

But strange forces are stirring. Rob and best friend Emma discover a strange machine in her father's workshop. And then time itself begins to be rewritten., with dead rock stars coming back to life. Everything points back to 1967...

Who is really changing history? Why is Nick being attacked by a strange force over 200 years old? And what could possibly unite three different centuries and a lost ancient being known only as Black Sam? This time there's no Doctor and no TARDIS to help...

Has history finally met its match?


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  • 'This story begins with a (shortened) recap from the end of Soap of Fatal Death, although the previous

audio Keepsake had filled in the events for companion Rob.'

  • Harold the hatmaker makes his final appearance to date in this story.
  • Nick and Rob's stories fill the first two episodes.



  • Nick: Dave Tudor
  • Rob McCow: Steve Alexander
  • Emma Bonham: Kathy Riedtmann
  • Ricky Bonham: Ant Williams
  • Brian Epstein: Simon Hart
  • Professor Bonham: Andrew Clancy
  • Linda McCow: Trudi Gard
  • Scarface Jake the Inn Keeper: Wayne Jefferies
  • Scurvy Jack/Doorman: Pip Madeley
  • Peg Leg Pete/Freddie Mercury: Martin Penny
  • TV News Reporter : Dave Lewis


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