Season: 2
Story Number: 1
Doctor: Nicholas Briggs Doctor
Companions: Ria
Writer: Gary Russell (as Warren Martyn)
Producer: Audio Visuals
Release Date: 1986
Running Time:
No. Episodes: 2
Previous Story: Shadow World
Following Story: The Mutant Phase



The Doctor takes Greg, who is suffering Sargol withdrawal, to the Cal-Med One orbiting medical station. While Greg is cared for, the Doctor joins a party of officials from the Galactic Federation on their tour of Cal Two, a specialized institute for the criminally insane, located in a domed structure on the unlivable planet Cal Med One orbits. However, a new, twisted use for the asylum has been found, where pain is at the touch of a button, and you can create life with the power of your mind...


  • Sargol was introduced in the previous story, Shadow World. Its negative effects would be a recurring theme throughout the series.
  • This is Ria's first story. She is the third Audio Visuals companion.



The Doctor: Nicholas Briggs
Greg: Richard Marson
Doctor Kranten: Ann O'Neil
Chi'ian Rayden: Antony Dexter
Ria: Patricia Merrick
Anton Luther: Andrew Beech
Channon: Suzanne Barrett
Draconian Ambassador: Colin Brake
Kantrian Commissioner: Jason Haigh-Ellery


Director: Gary Russell
Written by: Gary Russell (as Warren Martyn)
Recorded by: Jim Mortimore
Edited by: Jim Mortimore
Music by: Jim Mortimore
Art Editor: Jim Mortimore
Producer: William Baggs

Production NotesEdit

  • A maenad is a woman who is beside herself with frenzy or excitement.
  • This story was recorded after The Mutant Phase.
  • Greg's lines were created using outtakes from Cloud of Fear and Shadow World because Richard Marson had left the team.
  • The first version of the liner notes identifies Owen Parker as having provided the incidental music for this story. This was corrected to Jim Mortimore for the second version.
  • The master recording for the original mix of this story was among those stolen from Audio Visuals.
  • The remixed version makes a number of small changes and improvements. Some lines were cut and some new music (also provided by Jim Mortimore) added.


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