Doctor Who Expanded
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 1970s
Travelled with: Chris Hoyle Doctor
First appearance: 'The Glass Cage' (as-yet unmade)
Last appearance: 'The Crystal of Achillon'
Portrayed by: Lian Chua
Series: 'The Projection Room

Character History[]

Although Leia is already traveling with the Chris Hoyle Doctor when we first see her in 'The Crystal of Achillon', and seems to have been for some time, this is not the first time they have met. In fact, Leia was there to help the newly-regenerated Chris Hoyle Doctor in an as-yet-unmade story entitled 'The Glass Cage'.

Originally a student, one of her house-mates was a post-graduate at the University's Physics Department, working with Professor Stubbs on some fringe research into vortex manipulation. On running a series of experiments, however, they don't realise that the equipment is wrongly-calibrated and the vortex they have created pulls the TARDIS off-course and into the Lab. Calling by to meet her house-mate, Leia finds the Doctor slumped in the doorway to the TARDIS and ends up traveling with him at the end of the story.

Although not seen on screen in 'The Crystal of Achillon', she ultimately meets her death by being caught in the blast from the Doctor's force-field generator trying to defeat the Master, something that the Master goads the Gordon England Doctor about during their final confrontation in 'Masterplan'. As the Doctor explains to Charlotte McLeod in 'The Invisible Opiate, in spite of his attempts to warn Leia in advance, the course of events runs the same and there's nothing the Doctor can do to prevent her death.

List of Appearances[]

In Action[]


'The Crystal of Achillon' - Part 1


'The Crystal of Achillon' - Part 1


'The Crystal of Achillon' - Part 2


'The Crystal of Achillon' - Part 2


'The Crystal of Achillon' - Part 2