Landscapes of Fear
Season: 4
Story Number: 2
Doctor: Matthew Beale
Companions: Rosie Williams (Megan Beale)
Writer: Matthew Beale
Producer: Deck 10 Productions
Release Date: 31st August 2016
Running Time: 29m 10s
Previous Story: The Skaro Inheritance
Following Story: Interloper

"You know your history, Rosie. You tell me about this war. Dresden? Hiroshima? Nagasaki?"



Rosie Williams has always known about the Blitz. History tells us that the German Luftwaffe bombed Britain's cities night after night to break the spirits of its people. When the Doctor and Rosie arrive in the midst of the Bristol Blitz, they are dragged into a game of gumshoeing with private detective, Jimmy Nash, and investigating a series of mysterious murders under the cover of the blackout.


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The Doctor: Matthew Beale
Rosie Williams: Megan Beale
Jimmy Nash: Daniel Wright
The Coalescence: Phoenix Smith
D.I. Marshall: Stuart Hardy
The Kanthari: Matthew Beale


Written, directed, produced and cover art by Matthew Beale
Music by Kevin MacLeod & Murray Gold
Title music by Eaglestriker
Remixed by Matthew Beale

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