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Katrina Mills is a character in the British YouTube series Time Agent, and is portrayed by Laura Daykin and Emma Crichton. She is the Ex-girlfriend of Agent Liam and is sort of a friend turned villain. |image 250px= |affiliated with= Agent Liam (Boyfriend) Elizabeth Mills (Daughter with Liam) Agent Mortis (Friend) Agent Obadiah (Friend) Captain Andrias Tobias (Friend) |Species: Human |Home Planet: Earth |Home Era: 34th Century (Original) 21st Century (Recent) |Fist appeared in "The Nightmare Forest" |Last appeared in "Sins Of the Past" She is portrayed by Laura Daykin in Series 2, and a flashback in Series 3, and Emma Crichton later in Series 3.

Character History[]

Katrina Mills is the daughter of Federation leaders, who's names are not named. Later in her life, she meets Agent Liam and they begin a relationship. They have a daughter, Elizabeth together. However, Liam abandons them whilst on the run from the Time Agency. Agent Mortis sends Elizabeth back in time to save her (Sins of the Past). Sometime between then and going back in time, Katrina goes evil on Liam and Mortis. She arrives on Earth in Henlow, Bedfordshire, UK, sometime in the early 21st century. She becomes the head of the organization Biotech. By 2009, she has made contact with the Zakatrons and declared she holds earth's "best kept secret". (Earth's Guardians). In 2010, she announces she will reveal the secret to the world (The Nightmare Forest). The Time Agenct Henlow branch (Liam, Mortis, Dan the Cyborg and Dr. Robin Turner) attempt to stop her. She shoots Liam, attacks the goverments of the world and announces her secret is that she has been in contact with aliens; The Zakatrons, who are attempting reach a wepon that destroys the sun. Liam eventually kills Katrina, and Dan is sent into the pit to resive the wepon. However, because he is human, he dies, killing the Zakatrons (Best Kept Secret). A flashback of Liam killing Katrina and Dan's Sacrifice are shown in flashbacks (In Point of No Return)

Appears In[]

"Earth's Guardians" (mentioned) "The Nightmare Forest" "Best Kept Secret" "Point of No Return" (flashback) "Sins of the Past"