Doctor Who Expanded
Josh Hill Doctor
No. seasons: 4
No. stories: 47
First appearance: The Doctor Is In
Last appearance: The Weight of Demons Part 5: Cause and Effect
Portrayed by: Josh Hill
Preceded by: Twelfth (Peter Capaldi)
Succeeded by: Ross Pickering Doctor
Series: Hill Productions

The Josh Hill Doctor is an incarnation of Time Lord portrayed by Josh Hill, starring in the first four series of fan made audio dramas from Hill Productions.  The series begins with main universe 12th Doctor regenerating into this alternative 13th Doctor, and spinning off into a separate continuity with companion Anna Karring

The Josh Hill Doctor regenerated at the end of his fourth series, his successor, Ross Pickering, will star as the 14th Doctor in Hill Productions fifth series.



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This Doctor wore a black velvet coat over a dark purple shirt and brown waist coat, though he would eventually swap out this waist coat for a verity of different coloured ones, and on rare occasions he'd go without. He wore a verity of different ties, many of which had been previously worn by the 10th Doctor, also, much like his 10th self, he was known to wear Converse All-Star trainers and a pair of dark tortoise-shell rectangular frame glasses (though he actually needed these, unlike the 10th who wore them to 'look a bit clever'). Towards the end of his adventures The Doctor replaced his black velvet coat with a blue blazer, which he wore over a white shirt and a red, blue, black and gold striped waistcoat.