Doc Who anime poster by MightyOtaking

The poster used for advertising Jikuu Bouken DOCTOR WHO, showing the TARDIS hovering over Tokyo.

Jikuu Bouken DOCTOR WHO (Space-Time Adventure DOCTOR WHO) is a short piece involving the Third Doctor, drawn and animated entirely in the anime style of the 1980s (ala Bubblegum Crisis, Macross, etc.) by sometimes-controversial translator/artist Paul "OtaKing" Johnson.

As the entire project (background art and hundreds of frames worth of actual animation) was undertaken by a single person, the piece was only twelve and a half minutes long. To this end, Johnson opted to present it in a kind of "next time" episode trailer format, evoking the feel of a teaser for a Doctor Who animation if one had been produced in Japan during the peak of the country's economic boom.

Doc Who anime scene 4 by MightyOtaking

The Third Doctor in anime form.

Doc Who anime scene 6 by MightyOtaking

Redesigned anime Cybermen.

Doc Who anime scene 18 by MightyOtaking

An Imperial Dalek in the Tokyo underground.

Art StyleEdit

A long-outspoken proponent of "classic era" Japanese animation, Johnson immersed himself in mid-1980s to early-1990s anime artwork in order to render a highly-detailed level of shading and character design. One particular point of note is that, according to Johnson's regularly-updated posts on the project via his DeviantART page, all of the backgrounds are actual locations in Tokyo, often painted via photo reference.


  • Jon Pertwee, Nicholas Courtney, Roger Delgado, Anthony Ainley, and Terry Molloy all "play" their respective roles through audio quotes lifted from episodes of the classic series, edited together in various ways using Sony Vegas to fit the action and situations, thus producing new conversations between characters who never even met on-screen in the Third Doctor era.
  • Paul Johnson himself provides vocals for the Daleks and Cybermen, utilising assorted audio filters.
  • Sachika Souno plays various characters, most notably a mysterious Japanese police girl who speaks in Japanese (and may be the Doctor's assistant for this story).
  • Voice artist Phillip Sacramento, who provided the English dub voice of Solid Snake for the Italian fan film Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy, plays a US general who fights against the Daleks.

Subtitles appear throughout – in English when Japanese characters are speaking, and in Japanese when English characters are speaking.


  • Third Doctor
  • Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart
  • Davros
  • Cybermen (redesigned in a kind of "Earthshock crossed with mecha anime" motif)
  • Imperial Daleks
  • The Master (both Roger Delgado and Anthony Ainley)
  • Sutekh The Destroyer
  • Sontarans


The film was released in June 2011 after four years in development, but was taken down shortly after following Johnson's hiring by the BBC and 2entertain to work on restoring the lost 1960s episodes. Despite his pleas, he took down all of his Who work, including Jikuu Bouken...although it was quickly mirrored by other accounts.

On June 15, the official Who classic-series Twitter account posted a link to this promotional poster made by "the Reign of Terror team", whose First Doctor is drawn in what is clearly Johnson's art style.

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