Doctor Who Expanded
James Mason
Home planet: Earth
Home era: 21st Century
Travelled with: The Pete Messum Doctor
First appearance: A New Beginning
Last appearance: The Ballad of James Mason

(also in The Darkest Hour)

Portrayed by: Joe Sheehan
Series: FBC Productions

Character History[]

DW Series 4A 2

The Doctor and James Mason.

The character chronologically first met the The Doctor in 'A New Beginning'. However, the same character (albiet working for a Radio station and not UNIT) met the same Doctor in the Series 2 Pilot, 'The Lone Traveller', although with a different outcome. He then proceeded to meet the Master, in the minisode 'Shadow of the Dead' and was kidnapped by the Time God ('The Time God' ). He then was left on Earth by The Doctor in 'Fate of the Doctor' . The character was then sent to Kaaq, where the Doctor rescued him and sent him back home. They then met up again in 'Contagion' , and James was brought back into the TARDIS for the following a dventures of Series III. In Series IV, The Doctor reunited with James for four adventures before he had to reboot the Universe, wiping his and James' mind of their adventures together, and did this by changing his timeline, hence the Doctor seens in the series did not regenerate from the Eleventh Doctor after all, and is so far known as the 'Fourteenth' Doctor, also this is likely to change. James Mason also made a surprise cameo appearance in The Darkest Hour , appearing to remember the Doctor, although any explanation has yet to be given. He is also revealed to be a fragment of Sergeant Ross Mitchell, spread through time and space, similar to Scaroth in 'City of Death' and Clara Oswald in 'The Name of the Doctor'.